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Aditi International initiates a series of excellent articles in Numerical Search for Counter-Examples in Grimme's Conjecture Over a Finite Consecutive Odd Prime with the intention to enrich the knowledge platform as “Aditi International”. We instigate Journal of Challenges for Computational Number Theorists

Papers are Invited for these journals for its first Issues and we also invite the experts of subject for referring and welcome the editorial board member

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Special Issue On: Aspects of Accelerating Universe in Einsteins and Modified Theories of Gravitation for AJMP

Advancements and Developments in Modern Physics

Volume 2 ( 2013 ) ,   Issue 1 & 2

Earlier Results about Nonzero Cosmological Constant
I. Horvath
Volume 2 ( 2013 ) ,   Issue 1 & 2, Pages 13-15
Open Access

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