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With great pleasure we announce to publish the Special Issue in great memory of Professor Gorge Roger Sell. We are highly thankful to editors and authors contribute in it.

The Issue is online now and print version is also ready for subscription.

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Advancements and Developments in Applied Mathematics

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Editor in Chief Professor Dr. Vishnu Narayan Mishra

ISSN -2277 - 6737

The Advancements and Developments in Applied Mathematics is an international journal to provide a wide platform to Scientist and Mathematician for emphasize his research work and critical survey article. Advancements and Developments in Applied Mathematics has cover all areas of application in mathematics especially applications in Mechanics of Solids, Fluid Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, Solutions of Differential and Integral Equations, Mathematical Physics, Optimization, Probability, Mathematical Statistics, ect.


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Professor Dr. V. C. Dwivedi


Applied Mathematics


Bimonthly, Three Volume per year each volume contain two Issues.

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Printed and Online versions only